BY brenda sparks

From a found article by Erik Withalm / Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Associated Press, Sept 10, 2020

As fires blast this rivers’ edge
I’m scorched with dread,
in breathless fear,
for the fate of one million fish
here, at the Leaburg Hatchery.

Despite terse orders to depart,
I resolve to stand; I must stay
to un-lock clamp / jawed metal gates
to set the fry and broodstock free.

I hope you know the ebb and flow and feel cool waters warm embrace,
to follow your intended path, endure what is and thrive with grace.

Surging from their holding tanks –
released – they swim this rivers’ course,
as I grasp for life through smoked filled light –
we breathe – farewell – our time was brief.