Long Beach Lures

Long Beach Lures

BY Sue Neufarth Howard

Long Beach known
for its five mile
ocean pedestrian path

and its waterway-edged
lagoon to bay, canal,
to ocean merged.

Canal boat rides
whale watching trips
Queen Mary tyourssssss

long boat races
boat parades at Christmas
horse=drawn trolley tour holiday lights.

Sidewalk dining, 2nd Street
site of Christmas parade,
thousands of watchers.

Where the sound of the ocean
will float you
to nervana.

Before daylight
the fog,
shimmering sheer curtain.

Where palm leaf shadows
do a dance
inthe wind.

flooded streets
from the seldom rain.

Departing sleep
hear the soft sound
of fog horns

A flash of green in the palm –
screec hing wild parrots
with morning coffee

Where the sights and sounds
of beach bordered living
will attract and delight you.